Character Illusions

Prosthetic Character Makeup & Movie Makeup

CURSE OF CHUCKY: All of the makeup effects for the film "The Curse of Chucky" were handled by the super talented Doug Morrow of Winnipeg, Canada, seen here. In addition to the bleeding axe hits, knives to eyes, and the entire show (beauty makeup, corrective makeup, blood, sweat, and tears... literally). The guy does it all, and really really well.

~ Alterian Inc.

"There's a makeup artist in Winnipeg named Doug Morrow, and he's a genius. In a way, it was a matter of living up to his work. And it was strange, because I spent 16 hours a day, for a month, with someone else's face on. It's sort of a weird place to be, when you forget about it and then you look in the mirror and you have this other person looking back at you."

~ Rick Roberts